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British Council Teaching English Free Books








Interested in learning about different approaches to using new technology in the classroom?




This free publication provides case studies and lesson ideas showing how new technology can be used imaginatively and effectively.



The teaching of listening comprehension



This classic publication looks at how to gain and maintain students’ attention, different ways we can use authentic materials in class and how to link pronunciation to listening comprehension.



Starter Teachers A Methodology Course For The Classroom

Innovative ideas about how to teach English to migrants and refugees



This free publication gathers the ideas of teachers who are currently doing all they can to meet the needs of this diverse group of adults and children.



This handbook aims to provide teacher educators in low-resource contexts with the skills and techniques they need to train starter teachers.



How widespread is Early Childhood Education in English and what are the issues that educators need to be aware of?




This publication draws on localised research and global reviews to provide the evidence. It’s free to download here. 





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